Privacy Statement


Consumer Website Privacy Statement

Burdett Care Center respects and guards the privacy of visitors to our consumer website. This Privacy Statement tells you about our website privacy practices in more detail.

IMPORTANT: Visits by registered patients to our secure patient website raise special privacy issues and are governed by our Patient Website Privacy Statement.

"We" means Burdett Care Center. "You" means person visiting our consumer website.

What information will we collect?

We will not collect any identifying or personal information about you (i.e., your name, address, e-mail address) unless you deliberately submit such information to us, such as when you make an inquiry or apply for a job.

We may collect non-identifying information about visits to our website, such as the number of visits to particular website pages, or the number of requests regarding a topic. We will use this aggregate information to help us improve our services and our website.

We do not leave "cookies" (a text file placed on the browser of website visitor to identify website use patterns) on your computer.

If you submit personal information, who will see it? What will they do with it?

If you submit personal information to us, for example to make an inquiry about our services or apply for a job, it will be seen only by our staff (i.e., our employees or contractors), except as noted in the next two bullets. They will use that information only for purposes relating to responding to your inquiry or application.

On occasion, employees or contractors may view personal information in the course of providing technical assistance to maintain or improve our website, or in the course of receiving training relating to our website.

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless you specifically authorize it or unless we are required to do so by law.

IMPORTANT: If you submit an Inquiry that describes your or someone else's health care condition or needs, our staff will respond by trying to help you identify a Northeast Health-affiliated facility or health care professional who can assist you. They will not respond to your inquiry by providing medical advice to you.

Will we protect the security of the personal information you send to us?

Yes. We have internal policies and practices that guard against unauthorized access to our information systems, which contain your personal information.

Even so, please be careful about sending sensitive information by e-mail, particularly personal health information. Internet e-mail communications to our Consumer Website are not encrypted and are not completely secure. Accordingly, as with most internet communications, there is the possibility that unauthorized persons may access your e-mail, whether by accident or on purpose. This may occur despite your best efforts, and despite our policies and practices.

Will we protect the privacy of information you post in a chat room?

No. We may offer one or more chat rooms on our website as a service to consumers. If we do so, we will not collect or use any information you reveal in the chat room. However, a chat room is by its nature a public forum. Others will see the information you post, and we are unable to predict or control how they may use or disseminate that information. So be careful about disclosing information in a chat room.

Can you view or make corrections to the personal information you previously submitted through the website?

Yes. Just submit a request to us. We will make the change if warranted and technologically possible.

Will you ever change this policy?

Possibly. But we will not make a change that expands our ability to use personal information that you previously sent to us without first obtaining your authorization.

Who owns and operates your website?

We do: Burdett Care Center. We are a not-for-profit, hospital. For more information about us, see